Ce ii transmite un roman din Londra nationalei Angliei, dupa ce a ratat finala: “Conationalii vostri ne pun pe noi, romanii, la carat roabele cele mai grele..”

Dinu Sovea, un roman stabilit in Marea Britanie, a ajuns o mica vedeta pe retelele de socializare datorita postarilor lui amuzante despre care multi nu se prind ca sunt, de fapt, niste pamflete in care ironizeaza o anumita categorie de oameni.

Dinu a revenit cu o noua astfel de postare ironica:
I want to say that I”m really, really sorry for the English football team. The English boys were better today and in my opinion they had the best team on this World Cup. My boss is a big football fan. Sorry Mr. Steve and I hope tommorrow you are not going to fire us because we are crying next to you in this moments.

I am going to translate this for my romanian friends:
Acasa cu voi, muraturilor de engleJi. Nu stiu cum ati ajuns voi pana in semifinale. Inca din grupe speram sa fiti …

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